I'm Kimmy, RN, MA-C 😀
Founder of Millennial Bella

Jill of all trades, but master of none.

I'm a novice RN and Twitch streamer. I like pewpews, bimmers, and nature. Introvert millennial, down to earth but loves classy things.

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Discover and learn more about me and what I do!

Cooking, hiking, camping, blogging, and a so much more! Life is too short so make the most fun out of it!

Kimmy Garcia - ikimmybee
Kimmy Garcia - College Days

Life is too short for too much cortisol!

so make the most out of it!

Let's explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest together! Hike, camp, dine, and enjoy the summer sunshine... because they don't last that long!


My nursing student journey

The nursing profession has always been with me ever since I was a teen. Here's my journey.

Started RN school


Graduated RN School

April 2024

Passed NCLEX

May 2024

Working as RN

July 2024


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